About Us

I am a mother of 2 young kids and this idea for Kids Ground came alive because of them. Our 2 kids, who are both different and alike in some ways are full of energy, fun and laughter. One is an outgoing extrovert who can never have too many friends, while the other is the complete opposite, but both like to just have fun and enjoy P-L-A-Y. Many of you who come to Kids Ground may have seen our kids either at their school they attend, in the community we live in, the church we attend or at neighborhood playground. If you have never seen them before, I am sure they will be thrilled to make new friends.

Why we like kids ground?


We found it hard to find the right medium of fun where both of my kids could enjoy the space they were playing at.


The weather! — I was born and raised in Maryland, but I must say we do have some hot/humid days and also the cold, snowy and dreary days as well.


Older kids love to play in the playgrounds as much as younger kids. Who can blame them! But there are times, toddlers and preschoolers need some space of their own to grow into.


And then there are days when I needed to work late (which was quite frequent in the fall) and my husband is watching the kids by himself and it is only 6 pm. The kids are finished dinner, and it is pitch black outside and you can no longer be at home! I can tell you that our local Giant down the street knows my family very well by now.

Since our kids love of P-L-A-Y was different, we started to explore and think of what would benefit them both at this young age, and hence this idea came about. We wanted to create a play space for infants and young children to come to explore, engage in sensorial play, and also allow them to experiment and encourage their knack of curiosity and socialization with new and old friends.

Maybe you don’t have the same reasons as us, but we hope you come P-L-A-Y with us!

We look forward to seeing you.